Exodus is a Christian organisation, based in Northern Ireland, that is passionate and prayerful in encouraging people of all ages, but mainly youth, to know God and make Him known in our own communities at home and out in the mission fields around the world.

This year the University of Ulster at Coleriane’s CU are sending out a team of 9 students to Sutton, London, with the aim of encouraging other young people and spreading the gospel, both in schools and the local area.

Exodus’ theme this year is to ‘pursue what counts’; that is to say that as Christians, though we may be young, we have to strive towards Jesus in our daily lives, thus making an impact upon all the people whom we are surrounded by daily. The UUCCU team is focused on this, regarding the area of discipleship. Every week they meet to have fellowship and a Bible study together, encouraging, challenging and learning from each other how they can best use the talents God have given them for the work that lies in store.

For more information, please see the Exodus website: http://www.exodusonline.org.uk/opportunities/teams/


Disciple Making Youth Ministry